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About Me

I am an experienced Human Resource Consultant, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Self-Improvement Author. 


As an advocate of women empowerment, I am very passionate about improving, educating and ultimately empowering women. From coaching to inspiring workshop sessions, I've got everything required to help you reach your full potential in life. 

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How I can help you

The services I offer are designed to help you succeed, achieve positive personal growth, and empower your future potential through engaging training activities and developmental programme.


What I do

Firstly, as a proficient Coach, I specialise in leadership coaching to help women become intellectual leaders. Secondly, as a seasoned Entrepreneur, I focus on human capital entrepreneurship to bridge the gap between human capital and entrepreneurship. Thirdly, as a Consultant, I concentrate on providing human resource consultancy services to help my clients unlock their skills and talents for improved work and career life. Finally, as an expert Public Speaker, I specialise in delivering insightful keynote speeches to audiences in corporate and commercial settings.

Leadership Coach Nigeria

Increase your capacity to influence people to accomplish any set goal. Start your journey here in leading a successful and rewarding life.

Leadership Coaching


Turn your existing employees into a tremendously valuable workforce. Start your journey here in improving productivity, motivation, and loyalty.

Human Capital Entrepreneurship

Facilitate your career management today. Unlock hidden skills and talents for the perfect job. Start here to kick start the progression of your career goals. 

Human Resources


Set the proper tone for your event and launch your conference with absolute clarity. Inspire and unify your audience with an expert keynote speech.



Why Choose Me

In the course of my career, I have collated keywords mostly used by my clients in describing me and my services. The statistics below are based on the number of times these keywords are used by my clients to describe me in their reviews, feedback and testimonials. No attribute is above the other. 










Clear Communicator

Ruthela Anozie,
G.R.A, P.H

Ever since Pamela coached me, I have really grown both personally and professionally. He approaches towards coaching is what I would describe as honest, passionate and goal focused. I will be recommending her to my girlfriends.


Over the years, my clients have testified to the good work I've done and valuable outcome. I take no credit for my clients’ breakthroughs. All the women I've worked with have been a great inspiration to me. Here are just a few of their testimonies.

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Choose one of the plans I have strategically designed to help you succeed, achieve positive personal growth, and reach your potential.


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Attend scheduled sessions in private or as part of a group and enjoy engaging training delivery online, voice call or in person.

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