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Human Resource Consultancy

This service comprises of Job Training or Career Development Training and it is provided as requested, either together or separately.


As a Human Resource Consultant, I find that there is a growing gap between education and employment in our society.

This is evident in the number of unemployed graduates and under-performing labour force nationwide. Whether you’re an employer, employee or unemployed, I provide specialist advice and services to help you achieve a lot in your chosen career or maximise the efficiency of your workforce in your business.

My goal as a Human Resource Consultant is to improve competency, productivity, and performance and in the long-term, help sustain, broaden, and refresh past skills. I do these through learning needs analysis, skill assessment, bespoke training, and tailored supportive services that empowers trainees to manage their own learning and growth:


So, if as a business, you’re looking to unlock the skills and talents of your workforce, or as an individual seeking to equip yourself with the tools and skills for a job position, then this job training aspect of my Human Resource Consultation is the right approach for you to:

keep skills and knowledge up to date

get prepared for greater responsibilities

strengthen professional credibility

boost confidence and self-esteem

tackle new challenges creatively

enable improved business performance

get trained on-the-job or off-the-job



However, if you are more career-focused and specifically looking to obtain training in order to build a successful professional career, then this Career Development Training aspect of my Human Resource Consultation is the right approach for you.

I provide one-to-one specialist training which includes career counselling and skill assessment. The training is designed to build on your existing knowledge and abilities as well as help you discover new skills that will broaden your work experience. Regardless of what stage or level of transition you are in your career, I strongly believe that you can excel in fulfilling your career ambitions if you maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). I have designed a set of initiatives that can guide you in achieving this.

So, if you’re interested in the progression of your career goals, then my Career Development Training is the right path to:

Improve your career prospects

Boost your earning potential

Overcome barriers to achieving your career plans

Stay ahead of the game in your field

Achieve a healthy work-life balance

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Do not hesitate, facilitate your career management today by booking a consultation with me.