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Keynote Speaking

This aspect of my service offering focuses on the delivery of keynote speeches to audiences at conferences, conventions, banquets, meetings, political rallies, corporate function or any other kind of event.

As a professional public speaker, I specialise in delivering keynote speeches, establishing underlying topics, and raising interest among prospective attendees. My main objective as a keynote speaker is to ensure that my audience is inspired and ready to take the expected next course of action.


In delivering keynote speeches, I seek to motivate, educate, entertain and engage my audience. For me, it is very important that attendees leave with a positive impression of your business and event because of my keynote address. Therefore, I adopt strategies designed to provide an engaging and memorable experience.


I enjoy holding keynote speeches on the following topics:


Work and Family-Life Balance

Human Capital Entrepreneurship



Organisational Change

Employee Relations

Women Empowerment

In addition to the above, I’m also keen on speaking on topics that focus on educating women to grow, develop and maintain success. Every keynote address is bespoke and tailored to satisfy your requirements.


Pamela Ikedum is available, as a package, for your event or conference. Usually, I present my views for 15-30 minutes, with or without slides, followed by fast-moving and hard-hitting discussion session that is self-moderated or involve a suitable and experienced host or moderator. Questions from the audience are an integral part of this format. The total duration can be anywhere from 60-120 minutes.

FEES: Upon Request

So, if you’re looking for a knowledgeable keynote speaker to connect with your event attendees, provide practical and focused advice, and deliver a positive memorable experience, contact Pamela Ikedum now. Click the button below to discuss your Keynote requirements and request a Keynote Speaker Package.


Interested in booking a Keynote Speaker?

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